yeni sukran oteli

The Yeni Şükran Hotel (The Thanksgivings Hotel)

This programme in documentary series format looks like nothing you have ever seen!
Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar of Izmir is a well known place by nearly everyone whereas The Yeni Sukran Hotel (The Thanksgiving Hotel) at left side of Bazaar’s entrance is hardly ever heard together with its hidden life stories. At the age of 110 years, The Yeni Şükran Hotel is the oldest hotel of Izmir, which is still active and even today you can see the living traces of past. This hotel does not offer “all pension”, actually you can not even find an “bed and breakfast” option. Neither it has a luxurious sign nor a dashing personnel. After all it has only 3 employees. As being indicated by its sign on the wall, this is a 2nd class hotel. The real stars of this hotel are its employees and guests. This is the real story of unusual stars in an unusual hotel you will see in this programme. Are you ready to become acquaninted with this documentary which offers a series taste of real life stories and real people whom paths have came across with a historical hotel?

  • yeni sukran oteli
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